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Det har været vildt de sidste par uger for Bitcoin og kryptomarkedet, hvor benchmark-kryptokurrency postede enorme gevinster, mens resten af ​​markedet også viser kontinuerlige tegn på styrke
Altcoins begynder at tage rampelyset, da BTC’s rally begynder at stoppe, med salgspres på $ 19.000, der bremser sin opstigning, mens Ethereum og mindre altcoins alle raketter højere
Hvor BTC-tendenser på kort sigt helt afhænger af dens fortsatte reaktion på $ 19.000

En erhvervsdrivende bemærker, at Bitcoin nu er ved et knudepunkt, hvor dens kortvarige tendens potentielt kan være et omdrejningspunkt for dets udsigter på mellemlang sigt.
Bitcoin har blinket nogle tegn på enorm styrke i løbet af de sidste par dage og uger, hvor salgspresset set på omkring $ 19.000 var ret intenst.

Hvor markedstendenser på mellemlang sigt vil afhænge helt af dette niveau, da en afvisning her kan være utrolig dystre.

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Når det er sagt, kan en pause over dette niveau være alt, hvad den har brug for for at fange noget enormt momentum, der sender det raket højere i de kommende dage og uger.

De kommende par dage skal give noget indblik i kryptotrendens, da en analytiker bemærker, at den nu handler ved et kryds.


I skrivende stund handler Bitcoin lige under 1% til den nuværende pris på $ 18.725. Dette handler om den pris, som det har været igennem de sidste par dage.

Salgspresset lige over det sted, hvor det aktuelt handler, har vist sig at være ret intenst, men det har endnu ikke katalyseret nogen intens afvisning.

Dette har ført til, at analytikere i vid udstrækning vender bullish på Bitcoin og forventer en forestående pause over dette afgørende modstandsniveau.

En analytiker forklarede, at Bitcoin nu når et kritisk knudepunkt, og hvordan det udvikler sig på kort sigt, kunne sætte tonen for, hvor det udvikler sig i de kommende dage og uger.

Han leder specifikt efter dens reaktion på både $ 19.000 og dens $ 18.500 support.

”IMO vi er ved det BTC-kryds, hvor … -Købere dukker aggressivt op fra 18,5 k supportzone, som de gjorde efter tidligt Asien-dyb i sidste uge, og vi tager et skud på 19 k igen. ELLER -18,5k køber får [ødelagt], vi bryder sammen og nedbryder igen, køb dipmarkedet er ikke mere. ”

Dette betyder, at de kommende par dage vil være afgørende for at forstå, hvor hele markedstendenser i de kommende dage og uger.

Is the Bitcoin Code platform a scam or is it reliable?

A distrust of the credibility and reliability of the Bitcoin Code automated trading platform arises among cryptomoney enthusiasts.

Over time, different platforms have emerged, offering a variety of services for investors to make money with Bitcoin Code. However, you have to be careful about this, because not all of these trading platforms are usually reliable, and they leave a bad experience for crypto investors as a result.

In this context, with the use of BitQT scam and other crypto currencies becoming more widespread, there has also been an increase in the number of scams, which target these virtual currencies; traps designed to defraud crypto currency users.

Security and transportation company launches digital asset custody solution

Now, in the particular case of Bitcoin Code, there’s a lot of talk about this automatic trading platform, which is getting a lot of attention in the cryptosphere, especially in operations with the leading crypto-currency: Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Code: What It Is, How It Works

Bitcoin Code, is an automatic trading platform, relatively new in the market, executed by intelligent robots that can evaluate the trading criteria, the program analyzes the crypto market using its technology to identify the most profitable trading opportunities for the investor.

The Bitcoin Code software was developed by Steve Mackay and is compatible with several operating systems, including iOS, Android and PC. The program is completely web-based. All a potential investor needs is access to an internet connection and a web browser.

The price of Bitcoin soars to $17,700, but not everyone agrees that the rally is sustainable

Your registration system on the platform is free. Potential investors must complete a form with basic information, which will then be verified to complete the registration process. Afterwards, a broker will be assigned to you, who will be in charge of all the operations of the program. In theory, this broker will provide all the information that the Bitcoin Code program will analyze, in order to establish which signals are the best for trading, and investors must make a deposit of 250 euros, as the initial amount required to start trading.

Scam or reality?

Recently, according to the digital newspaper, Invest in the Stock Market, there have been claims that this platform has had a change within its website. Now, instead of being called The Bitcoin Code, its name within the system is „Bitcoin Wealth“. Despite this change, their web link is still „The Bitcoin Code“, they claim.

Apparently, this platform has presented problems to its users. This raises questions about its transparency and reliability as an investment option. This system, they say, promises people who start on it big profits (up to USD 13,000 in just 24 hours) through automatic trading.

Likewise, another aspect, which draws attention (among others to which they refer), is that there are claims about the profile of the creator and owner of the platform. The name of the founder, is altered, according to the country in which they are operating, for example; Sergio Marlon, appears as the creator in the Spanish page, but however, changes to Steve McKay, in the case of the English version of the platform, so the image that has been presented in both versions, do not correspond.

„Open your eyes“: the regulation is coming to DeFi, says an expert

Aspects such as the ones mentioned above call into question the credibility and reliability of the Bitcoin Code platform. However, it’s worth noting that there are also claims that this automated trading platform is a fully certified and verified program.

In this context, it can be said that Bitcoin is one of the most famous crypto currencies on the market, and the number of people and trading platforms that want to be included in the crypto ecosystem, in order to generate profits from crypto currencies, is increasing.

However, it is important to keep in mind that cryptomoney is a volatile and time sensitive market. For this reason, one of the reasons why investors in cryptology are affected by these misleading platforms is due to the lack of information and knowledge about the world of cryptology.

Ethereum price cracks 2-year high at $ 500: will the $ 1,400 follow this year?

The Ethereum price has reached the $ 500 mark for the first time since June 2018 and is currently exceeding the annual return of Bitcoin (BTC) .

Ethereum (ETH) price returned to $ 500 for the first time in more than two years today, November 20. This marks an important psychological price level for ETH. The Bitcoin Code course takes advantage of the current momentum on the altcoin market, which is increasingly recovering from recent weeks.

But where is the price development of the world’s second largest cryptocurrency going? Many believe that the scenario from 2017 will repeat itself in a similar way and that we could see an Ethereum price near the all-time high of $ 1,400 this year.

Ethereum course even outperforms Bitcoin

The Ethereum course has overcome the psychologically significant barrier of $ 500 in Friday trading. At the time of writing, the price per ETH has increased 7.2% in the last 24 hours. This means that the leading altcoin not only outperforms Bitcoin today but throughout 2020. The returns since the beginning of the year have been 284% for ETH and 155% for BTC.

The sharp increase in the Ethereum price is not entirely surprising, however. For example, we already indicated in a chart analysis for ETH on November 10th that number 2 in the crypto market could be on the way to $ 500. The reason for this assumption was a pennant formation that had formed on the 4H chart.

As we can see on the chart from the Telegram channel from Bitcoin-Bude , the Ethereum price has reached the minimum price target of $ 500 derived from it today. It will be interesting to see whether the ETH cops will succeed in establishing this important psychological hurdle as a new support. For this it would be important that today’s daily rate closes above $ 500.

Is this the start of the price rally to $ 1,400?

The Ethereum course currently shows many parallels to its course in 2017. Not only in terms of price history, but also in terms of some important on-chain metrics. Many investors are aware of this and therefore believe that ETH could experience a similar price trend as it did back then.

Just like today, the Ethereum price was trading around the $ 450 mark for a while almost exactly 2 years ago. It only took 34 days for ETH to hit its all-time high of around $ 1,400 thereafter. Said on-chain metrics and historical data suggested that this could happen again now.

The current daily active addresses, the transaction and transfer as well as the trading volume for the Ethereum course show a strong similarity to the on-chain developments at ETH in December 2017. The parallels are too pronounced to be assumed by many here by chance. You can find more information about this in this article .

El programa de la cadena de bloques ‚Game changing‘

El programa de la cadena de bloques ‚Game changing‘ sigue a los mangos en Australia

„El impacto de este proyecto se extenderá más allá de la industria del mango“, dijo el CEO de CRCNA, Jed Matz.

Tras un programa piloto de 2,5 años de duración, un productor de mango de Australia está ampliando su uso de la tecnología de cadena de bloques para la trazabilidad de la cadena de suministro.

Según el Centro de Investigación Cooperativa para el Desarrollo del Norte de Australia, o CRCNA, la organización se asoció con el principal productor australiano de mango, Manbulloo, y la empresa de software de rastreo Trust Provenance para probar un programa de gestión Bitcoin Trader de la cadena de suministro en sus centros de distribución y de la cadena de suministro en Queensland y el Territorio del Norte. El proyecto, que comenzó en 2018, emplea sensores colocados en cajas de mango para rastrear el movimiento de la fruta dulce además de monitorear su temperatura, humedad y tiempo de tránsito.

El Dr. Sam McMahon, Senador por el Territorio del Norte dijo:

„Manbulloo puede ver dónde se encuentra su fruta a lo largo de la cadena de suministro en tiempo real y mantener un control de calidad proactivo y un protocolo de garantía de calidad para abordar cualquier problema de inmediato y complementar lo que ya es un enfoque de lo mejor de la industria“.

McMahon añadió que: „Este proyecto se perfila como un importante cambio de juego para la industria del mango“.

El fundador de Trust Provenance, Andrew Grant, dijo que el sistema ampliado mejorará la distribución de mangos en todo el país al reducir el desperdicio y ver exactamente en qué punto de la cadena de suministro se encuentran las ineficiencias. El CRCNA recaudó más de $827.000 para la fase de pruebas de 2,5 años de antigüedad, que comenzó en abril de 2018.

Otras compañías han empleado tecnología de cadena de bloques para el rastreo de la cadena de suministro de alimentos. Cointelegraph informó en julio que 300.000 millones de dólares en alimentos podrían ser rastreados a lo largo de la cadena de suministro anualmente dentro de siete años.

„El impacto de este proyecto se extenderá más allá de la industria del mango a otros productos agrícolas y sistemas de cadenas de suministro, que pueden beneficiarse de las eficiencias que esta plataforma de cadenas en bloque ha demostrado“, dijo el CEO de CRCNA, Jed Matz.

South Korea disputes jurisdiction over North Korean hacker attacks on crypto exchanges

Which authority in South Korea has to deal with the crypto-hacker attacks of the North Korean regime?

A heated political debate has flared up in South Korea about which authority is responsible for defending North Korean hacker attacks on domestic crypto exchanges. The South Korean financial supervisory authority had recently emphasised that it does not consider itself responsible.

According to a report by Fn News, the South Korean Financial Services Supervisory Authority (FSC) on 23 October gave the appropriate response to a written question by the Parliamentary Committee on Regulatory Affairs. The FSC does not consider itself competent to deal with stolen crypto assets stolen by the Lazarus Group, a hacker group supported by the North Korean regime.

The regulator argues that crypto exchanges simply do not fall within its remit, without giving any specific reasons for this. Instead, it considers the responsibility to lie with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Communications Authority (KCC).

However, both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the KCC consider the FSC responsible for damages caused to Crypto Bank exchanges by the hacker attacks, as these are financial matters. In this respect, they stress that the Financial Supervision Authority is „fully entrusted with the processing and supervision of virtual asset service providers, including crypto exchanges“.

The opposition parliamentarian Seong Il-jong also disagrees with the FSC’s assessment and points out that „with the amendment of the South Korean Crypto Law, all crypto-related operations have been placed under the supervision of the FSC“.

In February it was reported that the Lazarus Group had attacked several South Korean crypto exchanges in 2019.

In August, the US Army again reported that North Korea now has more than 6,000 hackers stationed in countries such as Belarus, China, India, Malaysia and Russia.

EOS atteindra-t-il encore 3 $?

EOS se négocie dans un coin descendant à court terme.

Le prix se négocie entre le support et la résistance à 2,50 $ et 2,95 $, respectivement.

EOS / BTC est passé d’un niveau de support crucial à long terme

Vouloir en savoir davantage? Rejoignez notre groupe Telegram et obtenez des signaux de trading, un cours de trading gratuit et une communication quotidienne avec les fans de crypto!

Le Trust Project est un consortium international d’organisations de presse établissant des normes de transparence.

Le prix EOS est sorti d’une ligne de résistance descendante mais n’a pas réussi à remonter par la suite. Néanmoins, le graphique à court terme montre une tendance haussière, à partir de laquelle une cassure est probable.

Breakout ou Fakeout?

Le prix EOS a chuté parallèlement à une ligne de résistance descendante depuis le 16 août, lorsqu’il a atteint un sommet de 3,95 $.

Le 7 octobre, le prix aurait éclaté de cette ligne de résistance, mais a créé une longue mèche supérieure et est tombé en dessous par la suite.

Depuis lors, le mouvement ressemble à une faible cassure et à un nouveau test de la ligne avec la zone de 2,50 $ comme support. Si tel est le cas, le prix devrait continuer à monter, vers les niveaux de résistance les plus proches trouvés à 2,95 $ et 3,50 $.

Les indicateurs techniques sont neutres, ce qui rend possible à la fois un rallye et une baisse. Cependant, tant que le prix s’échange au-dessus de 2,50 $, le scénario le plus probable serait un rallye vers le niveau de résistance décrit.

Le graphique à plus court terme sur 2 heures montre que le prix se négocie peut-être dans un coin descendant, ce qui est considéré comme un modèle de retournement haussier.

De plus, le RSI a formé une divergence haussière lors des deux dernières touches de la ligne de support, et le MACD est passé en territoire positif.

Une cassure du coin porterait probablement le prix à 2,72 $, à mi-chemin de la zone de résistance mentionnée précédemment à 2,95 $.

D’autre part, une rupture du coin invaliderait cette possibilité haussière.

Federal Police investigate suspected Mint fraud involving R$ 200 bill

Samples of paints sent by a public company are the subject of a complaint by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of São Paulo

Federal Police investigates suspected Mint fraud involving R$ 200 bill

The Mint may be investigated by the Federal Police for suspected fraud involving the making of the R$200 bill. According to a complaint filed by the Rio de Janeiro Public Prosecutor’s Office, the company allegedly provided ink samples of the new note in circulation in Brazil, as reported by the G1.

Thus, the Mint could have collaborated with the supply of material The News Spy related to the production of the R$200 note, by delivering paint samples to the company Sellerink.

However, the Mint says it is common to send samples of products between companies that can be considered suppliers. In defense of the accusations, the public company states that there is the „practice of sending samples.

Production of the R$ 200 bill
The production of the R$200 banknote is the responsibility of the Mint, a state-owned company that is responsible for most of the money currently in circulation in Brazil.

Thus, in order to produce banknotes such as the R$200, the state company carries out bidding processes that are restricted to some companies, such as Sellerink. But in the case of the R$ 200 note, it was Ceptis, a Swiss company that was responsible for supplying the ink for printing the new note.

According to the complaint, the Mint would have supplied samples of Ceptis inks to the company Sellerink. For the winning company, the supply of such samples to the competitor was to be considered illegal, according to the G1.

Central Bank should not withdraw R$200 bill from circulation, according to new opinion
According to the Mint’s spokesman, Alexandre Grilo, 16 ink samples of the R$ 200 bill were sent to the company Sellerink. Thus, the state company confirms that it sent the samples that led to the complaint filed by the Rio de Janeiro Public Prosecutor’s Office.

„It turns out that the samples were, in fact, sent. This letter does not deal exactly with these 16 samples. The letter is about sending inks because we are a public company and as a public company we need to develop suppliers“.

Ink sample
The new R$200 note officially went into circulation in Brazil on 2 September 2020. However, until then there were numerous problems related to the money that takes the maned wolf.

Initially, the Public Defender’s Office (DPU) asked for the new R$200 note to be withdrawn from circulation throughout Brazil, as reported by the Cointelegraph. The agency certifies that the banknote lacked accessibility in relation to its size, and could pay a daily fine of R$50,000 (US$50,000) if it remained in circulation.

However, the problem related to the ink samples of the R$200 note could result in a fraud that will be investigated by the Federal Police. Although the Mint claims that it is common to send ink samples for the production of banknotes, the National Coinsmen’s Union disputes this claim.

In an interview for the G1, Roni Oliveira said that problems in the production of the R$200 note cannot be solved with the delivery of samples as happened in the case of inks.

„There has never been this action of having a problem in the input of one company and taking samples of this same input to another company.

1 miljarder dollar i Wrapped Bitcoin granskas nu med Chainlink’s ‚Proof of Reserve‘

Wrapped Bitcoin är nu ännu säkrare med Chainlink-oraklar som kontrollerar depåplånböcker var tionde minut.

Den insvepta Bitcoin Up har antagit mekanism för bevis för reserv för att öka transparensen och granskningsförmågan hos den tokeniserade tillgången för DeFi-protokoll.

Funktionen, som för närvarande finns på testnet, gör det möjligt för Ethereum-baserade dApps att automatisera bördan med att granska wBTC. Flytten kommer när mängden Wrapped Bitcoin på Ethereum närmar sig 1 miljard dollar i värde, eller motsvarande över 92.500 BTC.

Mekanismen förnekar behovet av att förlita sig på manuella processer utanför kedjan, såsom revisionsrapporter. Det effektiviserar processen på ett pålitligt och censurresistent sätt som ger ytterligare trovärdighet och säkerhet till den tokeniserade versionen av Bitcoin.

Wrapped Bitcoin-depå BitGo tillkännagav Chainlink-samarbetet den 1 oktober, och tillade detta att DeFi-applikationer nu skulle kunna få definitivt kedjebevis angående den fullt stödda säkerheten för wBTC.

Proof of Reserve-avtalet kommer att få tillgång till ett decentraliserat Chainlink-orakel för att kontrollera saldot på BitGo-förvaringsplånböckerna för wBTC var tionde minut, vilket är den genomsnittliga tiden mellan BTC-block. Om det finns en avvikelse från ett inställt tröskelvärde kommer oraklet att driva en uppdatering i kedjan för att referera till den nya balansen.

Chainlink-noder övervakar kontinuerligt kontraktet utanför kedjan, men uppdaterar det bara on-chain när händelser förändrar balansen, t.ex. prägling eller förbränning av wBTC. Användarnas medel kan också skyddas – till exempel kan en penningmarknad kontrollera wBTC-säkerheter innan en utlåning eller upplåning sker. Tillkännagivandet tillagt;

„Denna funktion kan vara särskilt fördelaktig för decentraliserade applikationer som använder wBTC som säkerhet för att säkra andra digitala tillgångar.“

Detta har den övergripande effekten av att öka användarnas förtroende för tillgången och skydda mot oväntade händelser på decentraliserade finansmarknader. Medgrundare av Chainlink-protokollet, Sergey Nazarov, berättade för Forbes;

”Jag tror att begreppet Proof of Reserve i allmänhet verkligen handlar om att bevisa att en underliggande tillgång någonstans befinner sig i ett visst tillstånd. Och det beviset är faktiskt väldigt grundläggande för hur finansiella system fungerar. ”

Han använde finanskrisen 2008 som ett exempel på hur det fanns en koppling mellan det faktiska underliggande värdet på en tillgång och marknaden.

Bitcoin i sin ursprungliga form fungerar inte bra med DeFi som till stor del är Ethereum-baserad. Att förpacka det eller tokenisera det i ERC-20-form har blivit oerhört populärt i år eftersom avkastningsodlingsmöjligheter har dykt upp nästan dagligen.

Enligt finns det för närvarande 125 300 BTC, eller $ 1,33 miljarder dollar, symboliserade för användning på Ethereum. Av denna summa, som har ökat med 970% under de senaste tre månaderna, står wBTC för 76%.

Bitcoin (BTC) poderia estar no caminho certo para preencher uma lacuna de CME a $9.700

  • O Bitcoin tomou um mergulho de 11.600 a 10.460 dólares em 6 horas
  • A BTC perdeu várias zonas de apoio em seu caminho para baixo
  • Mais de 348 milhões de dólares em contratos de Bitcoin foram liquidados nas últimas 4 horas
  • Bitcoin poderia muito bem estar em um caminho para preencher uma lacuna de CME a $9.700, fixado em julho

O mês de setembro continuou a bombardear o preço do Bitcoin Evolution (BTC). Hoje cedo, o Rei do Crypto caiu duramente dos níveis de 11.600 dólares para reteste 10.460 dólares. Esta foi uma queda rápida de aproximadamente 9,8%. No caminho para baixo, o Bitcoin perdeu várias zonas de apoio cruciais, incluindo $11.600, $11.500, $11.200 e $11.000.

Mais de 348 milhões de dólares em liquidações do BTC nas últimas 4 horas

Devido à trajetória de queda da Bitcoin, mais de $366 milhões em posições comerciais da Bitcoin foram liquidados nas últimas 24 horas. Desse montante, $322 milhões ocorreram nas últimas quatro horas e, em conjunto com o BTC, foram novamente testados $10.460.

Abaixo está uma captura de tela dos dados de liquidação das últimas 4 horas que também inclui posições liquidadas de outros ativos digitais como Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), EOS e mais.

Bitcoin (BTC) poderia estar no caminho certo para preencher uma lacuna de CME a $9.700

A queda rápida e furiosa da Bitcoin abaixo de $11.000 deixou muitos comerciantes se perguntando se a lacuna da CME de $9.700, finalmente seria preenchida. A lacuna foi estabelecida no dia 27 de julho e resultou na quebra do teto de $10k, acabando por quebrar $11k e $12k.

nos dias que se seguiram.

O que diz a tabela Bitcoin

No momento em que escrevo, o preço da Bitcoin caiu abaixo da zona de suporte de $10.800 e atualmente está sendo negociada a $10.700. O gráfico de 6 horas aponta para um salto potencial de curto prazo que poderia fazer com que a Bitcoin tentasse recuperar $11.200.

Relatórios de Venda de Mineradores Bitcoin

No entanto, o futuro a curto prazo da Bitcoin pode não ser um passeio fácil, pois novas informações apontam para vários mineiros movendo quantidades invulgarmente grandes de Bitcoin para trocas criptográficas. Esta atividade começou ontem, 2 de setembro, e foi capturada pela equipe da Unfolded no tweet a seguir.

Portanto, a Bitcoin poderia ficar dentro por algumas horas e/ou dias à medida que os mineiros mencionados descarregam seus BTC. Uma vez que isto esteja completo, a Bitcoin pode ter algum espaço para respirar e possivelmente ainda manter a zona de preços psicológicos de 10.000 dólares.

Prédiction du prix du Bitcoin: la dynamique à la hausse BTC / USD est menacée alors que les taureaux ne parviennent pas à briser la résistance de 11000 $ de manière convaincante

BTC / USD a finalement dépassé la résistance de 11000 $, mais le prix du BTC n’est pas bien au-dessus des niveaux de support. Pour que la dynamique à la hausse soit pleinement actualisée, le prix du BTC doit être compris entre 11200 $ et 11400 $.

Aujourd’hui, la pièce a rebondi et atteint le sommet de 11 200

Immédiatement, BTC revenait du sommet récent. Le marché montre des signaux baissiers. À la baisse, si le prix revient au soutien des EMA; la pièce reprendra une nouvelle tendance haussière. Aujourd’hui, BTC se négocie à 11080 $ au moment de la rédaction de cet article. Dans le même ordre d’idées, si le prix baisse et trouve un support supérieur à 11000 $, Bitcoin Code reprendra une nouvelle tendance haussière. À l’inverse, si le prix dépasse les EMA ou est inférieur au support de 11000 $, la dynamique à la hausse sera invalidée. La tendance haussière sera interrompue et les prix auront un mouvement généralement à la baisse. Aujourd’hui, la BTC maintient sa tendance à la hausse alors que les acheteurs continuent de pousser les prix à la hausse.

Le prix BTC a dépassé la ligne de résistance du canal descendant

L’implication est que la tendance haussière se poursuivra alors que le prix se referme au-dessus de la ligne de résistance. La pièce est au-dessus de la plage de 80% de la stochastique quotidienne. Cela implique que BTC est dans une forte dynamique haussière. En outre, la pièce a atteint la région de surachat du marché. Les vendeurs peuvent émerger si le marché atteint la région de surachat.

Pendant ce temps, la crypto fait actuellement face à une résistance à 11200 $. L’analyse de l’outil de Fibonacci sera réalisée si la résistance actuelle est franchie. Les acheteurs doivent défendre le soutien de 11 000 $ pour empêcher les vendeurs de passer en dessous. Pendant ce temps, la pièce est toujours dans une forte dynamique haussière.