Become a Crypto Property Millionaire with Everlodge, Mantle & Cronos!

• Everlodge is launching a new tokenized vacation and property solution.
• Mantle is now integrated with Pendle, allowing access to the Pendle token via the exchange.
• Investors can join the Everlodge presale to take advantage of discounts and stake EDLG for passive income.

Everlodge: The Airbnb of Crypto

Everlodge is introducing a new holiday and property solution using tokenization and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). By fractionalizing hotel and vacation home ownership, users can buy a stake in a property for as little as $100. If the value of the property rises, so does its corresponding NFT. To incentivize use, Everlodge has created their own native token $EDLG, which allows holders to receive discounts on properties or rent out their own stays on airbnb. Token holders can also stake EDLG to earn passive income and secure the ecosystem.

Mantle & Pendle

Mantle is an Ethereum-like layer 2 blockchain governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) originated from BitDAO, an initiative led by ByBit CEX. Its mission is to support cryptocurrency builders with its native gas token MNT (Mantle). There are notable investors like Peter Thiel, Founders Fund, Pantera Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Animoca Brands that have supported this project. The DAO makes decisions based on its native token MNT which also serves as the gas token within the network.

Crypto Exchange Access

Pendle has recently been integrated with Mantle and can be accessed via’s centralized exchange platform allowing access to the Pendle token. This integration provides traders with more options when it comes to trading digital assets in addition to providing liquidity for users who want quick access to crypto markets without having to wait for long transaction times or pay high fees associated with decentralized exchanges (DEXes).

Join The Presale & Earn Rewards!

Interested investors can join Everlodge’s presale where they will benefit from discounts on properties NFTs and maintenance fees as well as become eligible for a luxury holiday trip to Maldives! The team has gone through KYC verification process while their smart contract was audited ensuring security for users participating in their presale event! Furthermore there’s an additional reward of locking up liquidity pool for 8 years which demonstrates team commitment towards project development! Analysts predict price surge of 280% during pre-sale period followed by 30x rally at launch day!

Take Advantage Of This Opportunity Now

Having both projects connected further increases options available when it comes investing in digital assets providing users with additional incentives such as discounts on properties NFTs & maintenance fees along with staking rewards giving more control over investment strategies within crypto space! So don’t miss out this opportunity now – join Everlodge presale today & start your journey towards becoming a crypto millionaire tomorrow!