Club Atlético Independiente raises over $200,000 by launching its digital currency

To begin with, the world of cryptomonies is advancing at a steady pace in all areas and soccer is no exception. For this reason, the Independent Athletic Club, presided by Hugo Moyano, launched its own digital currency $CAI Fan Tokens.

As a curious fact, collecting in less than 15 minutes more than $200,000.

Of course, fans can already have the official currency through the mobile application A European company, specialized in facilitating interaction between sports fans. Also, in, the first sports token site in the world.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of explained:

„Socios, is a company that seeks to bring clubs closer to fans through crypto-currencies. Much more now from all that we are going through with the COVID-19 pandemic“.

He also indicated: „Independent, it is the first club in South America to join and from now on, members will be able to intervene in some of its decisions. The tokens will allow them to participate and connect with the other clubs in the world, which are on the platform“.

The clubs already associated to are FC Barcelona, Atlético Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Juventus, AS Roma, Galatasaray, Independiente and OG (eSports).

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Collects more than $200,000 by launching its digital currency
It should be noted that on its first day on , the Club de Avellaneda sold 250,000 coins ($CAI) in just 15 minutes, at a price of $1.25 each. As a result, $312,500 was raised.

For this reason, Juan Cruz Filgueira said:

„This is a new way for clubs to generate genuine income.

Complementing: „It is important to clarify, that Fan Tokens, have a value, but they are not traditional crypto currencies, they are not a financial instrument. They will not replace other forms of payment. They are crypto-currencies, which serve to give those who acquire them a chance to access benefits“.