Fed, J.P. Morgan & Ethereum: How They Allegedly Conspired Against XRP

• Author Qadir Ak has reported on allegations that the Federal Reserve, J.P. Morgan, and Ethereum have conspired against Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency.
• Linda Jones, a best-selling author and influential voice within the XRP community, claims that vitalik Buterin and other crypto sphere bigwigs were sent by Fed banks to undermine Ripple’s technology.
• A project called “Project North Star” was allegedly initiated in order to create a “safe harbor” around an asset favored by the Fed banks while discrediting XRP as centralized.

Allegations of Conspiracy Against XRP

Author Qadir AK has reported on explosive recent revelations from Linda Jones, a best-selling author and influential voice within the XRP community. She alleges that the United States Federal Reserve, banking giant J.P. Morgan, and Ethereum conspired against XRP, Ripple’s cryptocurrency, to undermine its position in the crypto landscape.

The Role of Bigwigs From The Crypto Sphere

Jones claims that bigwigs from the crypto sphere such as Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and individuals tied to Tron were actually emissaries from the Federal Reserve and China when they appeared at Ripple’s headquarters as interns and employees. This follows Matt Hamilton, a former director at Ripple suggesting that Buterin once sought an internship at Ripple as previously reported by The Crypto Basic.

Project North Star: The Threat Of Ripple’s Technology

According to Jones‘ allegations, Federal Reserve Banks recognized the potential of Ripple’s technology to create a fair and level playing field which would take away their power in the financial system so they initiated “Project North Star”; a strategy to construct a crypto ecosystem which would favor their asset over XRP by positioning it as adequately decentralized while labeling XRP as a centralized entity.

The Ethereum-JPMorgan Nexus

Adding another layer of complexity to this purported conspiracy is an alleged link between Ethereum China and Prometheum which could be used by J.P Morgan in order strengthen their foothold on distributed ledger technologies (DLT).


These revelations are likely going to have far reaching implications for not only those involved but also for how we view cryptocurrency projects as well trust government institutions moving forward in this space