XRP’s Open Interest Plummets 60%, Investors Grow Bearish

• XRP open interest has decreased 60% since its peak in July.
• This decline is attributed to bearish sentiment in the crypto market and the SEC’s decision to appeal Ripple Labs’ court victory.
• Open interest reflects traders‘ confidence in XRP’s future price direction, with most contracts being placed on Binance and Bybit.

XRP Open Interest Plummets 60%

The ongoing bearish sentiment in the crypto market has led to a significant 60% decline in XRP’s open interest (OI) since its peak of $1.19 billion in July. Unexpectedly, this drop occurred right after Ripple Labs’ court victory against the SEC led to a surge of gains for XRP. The SEC’s decision to appeal the ruling and concerns that XRP could fall below $0.52 have further fueled selling activity.

What is Open Interest?

Open interest represents the total value of derivative contracts linked to XRP’s price movement, including Futures and Options contracts. This value reflects total investment by market participants in these contracts, which indicates their confidence in XRP’s future price direction. Currently, most of these orders are placed on Binance ($128.85 million) and Bybit ($93.23 million).

Impact of OI On Price Movement

As more traders sell off their positions, less bullish activity occurs which can cause prices to go down significantly as seen with XRP currently trading at around $0.53 – far from its peak level of $1.20 last month when OI was at its highest since November 2021 ($1.19 billion). As such, it appears that there may be a direct correlation between OI levels and price movements for XRP; if OI continues decreasing then it stands to reason that prices will follow suit as well unless investor confidence is restored soon enough with positive news or regulatory developments .

Fear Of Binance Going Bank Run

The fear of Binance going bank run is also contributing towards lower open interest levels for XRP; if this happens then investors may worry about having no access to their funds held on this platform leading them to pull out or decrease their positions on other exchanges as well thus causing a domino effect on OI levels across all platforms hosting derivatives markets related to cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), etc..


In conclusion, it appears that traders’ lack of confidence in Ripple’s future prospects has led them sell off their positions resulting in a drastic decline from $1 19 billion down to $465 million today for open interest levels across all major exchanges offering derivatives markets related to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), etc.. If investor sentiment doesn’t improve soon then it’s likely we’ll see further decreases both with regard to OI levels and prices for assets like XPR over time as well as other major cryptos affected by similar factors such as regulatory uncertainty or general negative news flow around specific tokens/projects/companies associated with blockchain technology use cases